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Information about groups & tickets for video walking tours

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The videoBustour & videoTabletTour: sightseeing reinvented

New sightseeing experiences

With us sightseeing works differently than you know it so far. We show you not only the most exciting places and most important sights of the city. For our sightseeing tours, we use historical photos and films, played to you on monitors in the coach and tablets on a walking. Commented live by our tourguides. Thus, we travel with you through time into the history of the largest German cities. Whether by bus on one of our videoBustours or on foot on one of our videoTabletTours: These city tours are very special experiences. Sightseeing and infotainment joined to an almost magical connection!

Innovation in sightseeing

City tourism is booming in Europe and so are the expectations of the visitors. That is why, 15 years ago, we have invented a new format in sightseeing with the videoBustours and introduced them to Berlin. Since then videoBustour has received numerous industry awards and public prizes. These include the “Selected Place” award in the competition “Germany – Land of Ideas.” The International Road Union has awarded videoBustour for innovations in sightseeing. And now, with the videoTabletTour, we have launched another innovation: the videoBustour learns to walking and will again inspire the industry of sightseeing walking tours.

Sightseeing with emotion

A picture says more than a thousand words, film conveys direct emotion. Our idea of ​​sightseeing is based on the conviction to offer more than just facts and figures. Historic images and films make us experience history more vividly and help us remember the newly gained knowledge. A tourguide will not be able to verbally tell you about the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November 1989 as vividly as a small film about that famous night at the Brandenburg Gate: Giving you goose bumps at this unique historic site! Histotainment is the key word for our sightseeing: we provide historical information, but we want to entertain as well, our guests are meant to have fun on one of our tours.

Sightseeing in a coach on our videoBustour

Do you want more than boring sightseeing with facts and figures only? Then come and join on a videoBustour. The videoBustour is unique among the city tours! Historical pictures and exciting films will be shown during the multimedia bus tour of the city, at the original locations where it happened. With our tourguides’ live commentaries in our buses that are equipped with additional monitors, the videoBustour is more than an ordinary bus tour. Anecdotes and exciting background stories make the tours exciting. Whether it’s on one of our “Overview tours”, on the “City of crime“ or a “Movie tour”, videoBustour presents different themed tours in eight cities and ​​in a total of more than ten different languages. Whether as a transfer or as an event shuttle: Sightseeing becomes time travel. The videoBustour is in any case the better choice.

Sightseeing as a walking tour with tablets and iPads

Are you tired to see the yellowed sheets of paper and badly copied maps of other tourguides? Our videoTabletTour is the solution for a more exciting sightseeing. We hand over history to you. Each guest receives an iPad from us. Our own in-house app allows the simultaneous playback of film clips on all devices, controlled by our tourguides. We produce all of the film clips ourselves with our in-house film production department and we mainly use rare archive material. Sightseeing thus becomes an emotional multimedia experience. We take you to the sights where world history has taken place and with the videos on your tablets you hold their history in your hands. Meanwhile our tour guides keep the thread in their hands. They know the history of each city. And they play and moderate the films at the respective original locations. Our guests get much closer to (world-) history.

Sightseeing tours for groups

If you want to book a multimedia sightseeing tour for your group, then you can choose from the bus tours and walking tours that we have prepared for you on this website. Perhaps you are looking for a social program for a conference or a company event, perhaps you would like to make a city trip with your club, or you are planning the trip for private group? We offer multimedia city tours for smaller groups from about 10 persons and we can arrange events with up to 600 participants at the same time. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time and we will gladly advise you on which sightseeing tour is the right choice for your event.

Tickets for our German language sightseeing

You can buy tickets for our public German language sightseeing tours in Berlin and Leipzig directly here on this website. These public tours take place once a week on Saturdays. Apart from our regular “Overview tour”, there are always special themed tours in both cities. The details can also be found here on our website.

Sightseeing tours all over Germany

For us everything started in Berlin. The city’s entrepreneurial attitude is the ideal basis for the implementation of innovative sightseeing formats. And the history of this metropolis is omnipresent. A cityscape shaped by many sometimes-dramatic events of the twentieth century, such as World War II and the Berlin Wall. But every city offers something unmistakable. Our goal is to emphasize the distinctive, unique character of each city: Hamburg as a large trading and port city, whose harbour stands for a distinct worldliness, or Dresden, the “Florence on the Elbe river” with its splendour and culture. Leipzig for us is the city of the Peaceful Revolution of 1989, Munich once was the “Capital of the Nazi movement”, but also the city of the innovative but sadly also infamous Olympic Games of 1972. Cologne is German carnival, Cathedral and much ‘Lebensfreude’. Finally, Vienna has Sissi, loads of tradition, but also a very moving past in the 20s and 30s. All these cities are ideal for our sightseeing, because each stand for a very distinctive history.

The top 10 sights of the city

Naturally, we will show you the most important sights of the city during our sightseeing tours. No tour in Berlin would be complete without the Brandenburg Gate, in Cologne without Cologne Cathedral, in Hamburg without port, in Dresden without the Frauenkirche, in Leipzig without trade fair, in Vienna without Prater. But our sightseeing tours offer more: Through the photos and films you will see, experience and feel more than on any other sightseeing tour. The stories we tell are also different from those that are usually told.

Our multimedia sightseeing shows what you do not see elsewhere

Imagine that we are together in a coach or on foot and that we are standing at the Palace square in Berlins city centre: The locations where once the city palace of the Hohenzollern was set for almost 500 years. Since 2014 a new building has been growing there – the palace is being rebuilt. This whole area has undergone dramatic changes for a very long time: After the Second Wold War the only partly destroyed old palace, in 1950 was torn down in order to use it for Stalinist military parades. Before that after the First World War and after the abdication of the German Kaiser the palace had already only been used for exhibitions and as office space. In the 1960ies this was where the GDR built “The Palace of the Republic” that was finally taken down only a few years ago. And now you see the building of the palace, in large parts modeled after the historic original. Only our pictures can capture this immense complexity and show to you now already what the new palace building will come look like inside and out. We not only take you on trip into the past, we also see the future! If you are in Munich and it is not October, if you are in Cologne and it is not February, if you are in Hamburg and it is not May: Then you miss three great festivals, which are of great importance for the identity of those cities. The Oktoberfest in Munich, the carnival in Cologne, the harbour birthday in Hamburg: Our sightseeing tours will bring these great festivals to you at any time inside our multimedia tour bus with the help of our film clips!

The press about our sightseeing

Right from the start of our first multimedia tour the press has extensively reported on our new way of city sightseeing. Our way of looking at history has fascinated journalists:

  • The Guardian recommended us in 2012
  • Lonely Planet recommends us since 2015
  • “videoBustour makes history in the truest sense of the word visible.” wrote Morgenpost broadsheet.
  • The ZDF television spoke of a “real trip of discovery”.
  • The RBB television was astonished: “The idea is so simple that one wonders why no one else has come up with it earlier.”
  • And the MDR television asks looking towards the future: “Multimedia sightseeing tours: One does not have to be a prophet, to ask now already: Have there ever been a anything else?”
  • A journalist from RadioEins put it in a nutshell: “It fascinated me tremendously – suddenly you see your city with very different eyes – magical moments.”

Information about groups & tickets for video bus tours

Bus tours

Information about groups & tickets for video walking tours

Walking tours