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Stadtrundfahrt Berlin - Berinale 2017

Berlinale 2018 – Weimarer Kino in Berlin

24. & 25. Februar 2018
Start: 13:30 / Ende: 16:00

Hauptstadt der Revolte – Die 68er-Bewegung

16. / 17. / 18. Februar 2018
Start: 11:00 oder 14:00

Filmstadt West-Berlin

Filmstadt West-Berlin – Das rollende Kino

Gruppentour auf Anfrage
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Stadtrundfahrt Berlin - East Side Gallery - videoSightseeing

Geteilte Stadt – Die Berliner Mauer

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Bus tour Berlin - Time travel through Berlin

Time travel through Berlin – The overview tour

Groups in any language at any time.

Tickets for German tour only:
  • Every Saturday
  • Start: 11:00pm / End: 1:00pm

Movie City Berlin – The Rolling Cinema

Groups in any language at any time.

Tickets for German tour only:
  • Every second Saturday a month
  • Start: 1:30pm / End: 3:30pm

Berlin – Capital of Crime

Groups in any language at any time.

Tickets for German tour only:
  • Every second Saturday a month
  • Start: 1:30pm / End: 3:30pm

Multimedia bus tours

With live comment and personal tour guide

The videoBustour is the better sightseeing bus tour

Multimedia sightseeing bus tour with the videoBustour

Our multimedia sightseeing bus tour is different than regular tours. Our luxury coaches have been equipped with additional monitors. Our personal tour guides show you historical and current film clips or photos while you will experience all the most important sights of the city. The history and presence of a site can be conveyed in a much more informative and intuitive way. Currently, there are multimedia sightseeing bus tours in seven German cities. We have developed different thematic special tours – there is something for every taste. Our sightseeing bus tours can be booked by groups and tickets for our German language tours can be purchased here on our website.

Exclusive sightseeing bus tour for groups

Groups of all sizes, for example companies, delegations, travel groups, school classes or private groups, can book our sightseeing bus tour at any time exclusively. We can pick up your group almost everywhere and bring them to the desired destination after the sightseeing bus tour. We are not limited to a certain route, but can adapt the route to your respective circumstances. Also, the duration of our sightseeing bus tours is variable: from a 45 minute, short version to the whole day trip everything is possible. To learn about the city, we recommend a three-hour tour with two exits. But even if you only have time for a transfer, we can recommend our multimedia sightseeing bus tour. On the way from the airport to the hotel or to the evening location, our sightseeing bus tour is the best way to fill the transfer with content.

Tickets for our regular German language sightseeing bus tours

In the cities of Berlin and Leipzig, we are currently offering public sightseeing bus tours every Saturday in German language. Our videoBusses are on tour all throughout the year, also in the low-season. For these tours you can register here online as an individual, but also as a small group. Find a sightseeing bus tour on this website and then click on the “Buy tickets” button.

Histotainment – our idea of ​​a special sightseeing bus tour

The interplay of the aura of the original site with our emotional films and the commentary of our tour guides make our multimedia sightseeing bus tours a very special experience. The history of the city is conveyed vividly. This connection between infotainment and history is called histotainment. Our tours are entertaining and educational. They want to explore the city even further and deeper.

All sights on a sightseeing bus tour

On our sightseeing tours, you will see all the important sights and some curiosities in the city. The videoBustour also takes you to the Top 10 of the sights of the city. On our overview tours, the “Time travels”, you get a concise view of the history of the respective city. The multimedia sightseeing tours are an alternative to a classic sightseeing tour: we show not only the sights, but also the moving pictures. In addition, we offer special theme tours in every city. The different topics of the multimedia sightseeing bus tours in the respective cities can be found in the corresponding sub-pages of this website.

The film clips on our sightseeing bus tour

The film clips of our sightseeing bus tours make our tours unique. The pictures and films are our special “treasure” that we have found in many years of research in various private and public archives. We have established cooperation agreements with the most important film archives, even beyond the German borders. For more than 15 years, we have been developing multimedia sightseeing bus tours from the first outline to the final implementation. All the videos for our sightseeing tours are created by our own in-house production department that is specialized in optimizing the content for use on a sightseeing bus tour. See it for yourself! Film research and video production, history and storytelling, as well as our specially equipped multimedia coaches: those are at the core of our competence.

Sightseeing bus tours with excellent tourguides

The key for successful sightseeing bus tours are not only the film clips, but above all our personal tourguides. It is very important for us to ensuring that our tourguides meet the high demands of our customers and guests. This includes, on the one hand, the content competence: We require a profound historical knowledge. Our guides are always available to answer specific questions. On the other hand, during a tour of the city the tourguides also must handle the video equipment. Therefore we are training all of our tourguides in how to deal with the technology and, above all, how to use our video clips so that you and your group have the best time.

Sightseeing bus tours in many languages

Depending on the city and the topic, our guests can experience the multimedia sightseeing bus tour in many languages. Standard languages ​​are English and German. In addition, the tours can be booked in Swedish, Danish or Norwegian, in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or French. Polish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese are also available on request in some cities. Since the film clips are mostly without original voices, the moderation in the desired language is possible without problems.

Sightseeing bus tour as a political education

For several years, we have been working closely with the German Federal Centre for Civic Education. We developed the sightseeing bus tour “Places of Democracy” for the visitor service of the Federal Centre. The “Places of Democracy” tour deals with the difficult road to democracy in Germany, the dark years of national socialism, the division up to reunification and today’s Berlin-Republic. Target groups are predominantly educational institutions and, in particular, pupil and trainee groups, who make a class or study trip to Berlin. Since teenagers have a particularly intuitive access to multimedia content, the format of our videoBustour is the best history teaching you can imagine. On theme or specific commemorations, we always develop special tours. Examples of this are the “100 years of World War 1”, “50 years of shooting Benno Ohnesorg”, or “25 years of Berlin Wall”. We also work for and have developed sightseeing bus tours for other educational institutions and museums such as the German Historical Museum, the Allied Museum, the “Museum in der Runden Ecke” and many more.

Sightseeing bus tour as an event

Our sightseeing bus tours are more than just sightseeing programs. The tours are fun and provide a whole new city experience: vivid, intense, entertaining. Many customers therefore book the videoBustour as an alternative to an event. Instead of an evening in a theatre or in a revue, one can also go on “time travel” with one of our multimedia sightseeing tours. Or with the movie locations tour “Film city Berlin”, our rolling cinema. We are always happy to adapt our content to the occasion of your event by setting thematic focus. Exits and extras such as a champagne reception or a catering in a special site add to the possibilities of our evening program.

The largest possible target group for multimedia sightseeing bus tours

Our tours have shown that we address target groups across generations. Children and young people react particularly intensively to the film clips and can enjoy the sightseeing bus tour even without the understanding of complex historical connections. The older generation may be less media-minded, but it has another advantage: Some of them may be contemporaries of the (hi-)story that we talk about during our sightseeing bus tour. Especially in cities like Berlin many of our older guests have been touched in one or another way by world history. An East Berliner, has not seen the other side for a quarter of a decade, and West Berliner may only have experienced Berlin as a front-line city. The individual life experiences are mirrored in our tours and allow a trip back into the past of the older guests. Particularly moving are the moments for us and our guests, if during the tour an exchange between generations is stimulated and parents or grandparents tell their children or grandchildren their own life story. The videoBustour is therefore always a special event for the whole family as a sightseeing bus tour. Invite your guests to see the city with quite different eyes and get to know each other.

How can you book our sightseeing bus tours?

If you would like to book a ticket for our German language sightseeing bus tour, please visit head over to our ticket page. The ticket button will lead you to the tour of your choice. If you would like to book a multimedia sightseeing bus tour for a group, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.