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Time travel through Hamburg – The overview tour

Germany’s gate to the world

Our sightseeing bus tour of Hamburg takes around the city that may not have lederhosen-folklore of Munich or the food and wine of the Rhine area. But this northern metropolis has a long-standing tradition of international trade and with that came wealth. Her deep water harbour still serves as Germany’s Gate to the World for merchandise from Asia, coffee, tea and carpets.

Since the time of the Hanse Hamburg is a proud and free city state. Somewhat scarred by the Firestorm of 1943, rebuilt and host to the very early Beatles, Hamburg now re-invents itself on a huge part of it’s land with the HafenCity land redevelopment scheme.

Book individual extras for your group

  • Stop-overs and exits (e.g. City of Warehouses)
  • Champagne reception or catering
  • Boat tour or a combination of boat and bus tour
  • Photo city ralley
  • Boat tour on refurbished historic river boats
Please contact us so we can put together your exclusive tour

How to book this tour

  • We create your exclusive arrangement. Please contact us with your specific needs.
  • This tour can also be booked as walking tour or as a tour in a mini van or limousine.
  • For a walking tour, one group should be no more than 15 PAX. We recommend to split larger groups with one guide each.
  • Groups can arrange any day and time, as well as start and end locations.
  • The price per tour depends on the number of participants, duration, tour topic and the language.
  • Possible languages are: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Chinese, and others on request.