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Divided City – The Berlin Wall and the Cold War

The Berlin Wall fell more than 25 years ago, but less and less remains of the city’s division.

Equipped with our iPads, we trace the remnants of border installations and visit the original locations which played a role in the breathtaking escapes across the death strip.

The superpowers opposed each other directly in Berlin, and their confrontation is still apparent across the city, Checkpoint Charlie being only one of them. We will also tell the stories of the numerous spies who snuck through the borders.

At original locations, we show photos and clips, sourced from private collections. In this way, the Cold War period will come alive before your very eyes.

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  • The Berlin Wall memorial
  • Visiting a border watch tower
  • Talks with people who live at the time
  • Cycling tours somewhere along 160km of the former Wall
  • Street-art workshops inspired by original Wall graffiti
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  • We create your exclusive arrangement. Please contact us with your specific needs.
  • This tour can also be booked as walking tour or as a tour in a mini van or limousine.
  • For a walking tour, one group should be no more than 15 PAX. We recommend to split larger groups with one guide each.
  • Groups can arrange any day and time, as well as start and end locations.
  • The price per tour depends on the number of participants, duration, tour topic and the language.
  • Possible languages are: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Chinese, and others on request.