City tour Hamburg with the videoBustour

The multimedia city tour of Hamburg

Our multimedia city tour in Hamburg offers more than a normal bus tour.  In addition to the moderation of our tour guide, we show film clips with historical images and films in our buses, directly at the original locations.

Our tour is so much more vivid and emotional and you get a lasting impression of the city. On request, the Hamburg bus tour is also available in different languages and with extras such as special exits or culinary stops.

The best bus tour in Hamburg for groups

Currently we offer the tour in Hamburg only for groups. You can see our offer for groups here on our website. In Hamburg we have developed two extraordinary tours, on which you will experience the city in a very special way.  First, the “Hamburg Past and Present – the Multimedia Tour”, which is an overview tour of the fascinating history of the Hanseatic city. Then the “Movie City Hamburg” multimedia bus tour, which presents the film locations of famous Hamburg movies.

Bus tour Hamburg – The gateway to the World

Hamburg – for many, especially the people of Hamburg, the most beautiful city in the world… but above all it is called the Germany’s “Gateway to the World”. A city with a long tradition of trade and shipping, whose port has always been the epicenter of the city. World port and port worlds: today the area around the Speicherstadt (Warehouse city) and Hafencity (Harbour ity) is on everyone’s lips, especially because of the new landmark building the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall. On our tour you will also see the proud bourgeois city with the town hall and the stock exchange as symbols of the traditionally very independent city. And we will trace the pulsating metropolis on St. Pauli and the Reeperbahn.

What is special about a multimedia city tour?

When you board our videoBus at the beginning of the tour, the guide shows a trailer, which summarizes Hamburg’s history emotionally. This gives you a first orientation and a impression of our journey through time. For many years, our research team and our in-house film production department have been working together with all important film archives in Germany. In Hamburg, we mainly work with the Hamburg State Archive, the media rental department of the State Archive, but also with various company archives such as the Railway archive.

From all these sources, our colleagues select the clips that are of great importance for any given sight or historical event in Hamburg. Based on the archive footage we create exclusive video clips that illustrate Hamburg’s history. We visualise bare facts in an enterteining way for your group

Multimedia city tour – “Hamburg Past and Present – the Multimedia Tour”

Experience the events and impact of the mighty Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages, the great fire in Hamburg of 1842, and the firestorm of 1943. Meet the (not very much respected) German Emperor at the “Michel” Church, as well the Beatles on the Reeperbahn. With the videoBustour you will see what others search in vain. We show historical film, image and sound documents on four large flat screen monitors in the bus, and commented live by ou tour guides. Historical events and exciting plans for the future of Hamburg’s urban development are thus presented vividly and entertaining in an innovative format.

Stops of the bus tour “Hamburg Past and Present – the Multimedia Tour” – The Top 20 sights in Hamburg

Our “Hamburg Past and Present – the Multimedia Tour” offers the best overview of the city. And yes, we do show you the top 20 sights of Hamburg as well:

  • Cathedral Square: The Cathedral Square in Hamburg is the historical nucleus of the Hanseatic City – this is where the legendary Hammaburg is said to have been located in the middle ages. We show what acheaologists have found there.
  • St. Nikolai: In the Middle Ages, in front of the Nikolai Church was the market for hops that is needed to brew beer. The ruins of the church are left as a reminder of the destruction during the 2nd World War – and our film clip show the destroyed Hamburg.
  • Hamburg City Hall: The City Hall, a symbol of the proud city of Hamburg, was built in 1897 directly adjacent to the stock exchange, and today it is the seat of the City Parliament as well as the City Senate. We show rare earyl photographs of the construction of the building.
  • Jungfernstieg: Families used to go for their sunday walk along Hamburg’s shopping and promenade street and took their unmarried daughters (“Jungfern”) to present them to the public – as you can see in our film clip.
  • Wall fortifications : The fortifies city around Hamburg was built between 1616 an 1625. During the first half of the 19th century they were demolished and transformed into green spaces – we show in an animation how the cityscape has changed.
  • St. Michaelis: The Protestant main church St. Michaelis (called the “Michel”), is the grand landmark of this Hanseatic city, as it is easily visible by seamen on incoming ships. In 1906 the church was completely destroyed in a fire – and we have the reportage photos for this!
  • Bismarck monument: The Bismarck monument in the St. Pauli district, inaugurated in 1906, is the largest and probably best known Bismarck statue in the Germany (and the world) – and the inauguration can be admired in the city’s oldest remaining film footage.
  • Reeperbahn: The central street in the red light district of St. Pauli got its name from the old Germany word for “rope makers” (“Reepschläger“) – but of course what happens here at night is much more important now. Our film clips can show this during the day, too.
  • Fish market: The Altona fish market is a result of the competition between the two previously devided cities of Altona and Hamburg – listen and see how the famous barker Aale-Dieter (“Eals Dieter“) attracts his customers.
  • Landunsgbrücken / St. Pauli Piers: The city’s waterfront. There has always been and still is a hustle and bustle here – even if the destination of the trip is only the port of Hamburg.
  • Old Elbe tunnel: The Old Elbe Tunnel was a technical sensation when it opened in 1911. Our pictures show it in action.
  • Speicherstadt: The Speicherstadt (Wharehouse City) in Hamburg is the world’s largest warehouse complex built on oak piles and has been a listed building since 1991. Our film takes you back to the time of the “Schauermänner”.
  • Hafen City: This is one of the largest urban development areas in Europe. With our film clips, we can hardly keep up with the development…
  • Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall: Shortly after its opening, the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall became the city’s new landmark. With our film we also take a look inside the spectacular building.
  • Wilhelmsburg: The storm tide of 1962 hit the Wilhelmsburg district in particular. The catastrophe claimed a total of 315 lives – our dramatic film documents show the catastrophe.
  • Ballinstadt / Emigration center: One hundred years after the emigrant town was built on the Veddel island, in 2007 The Ballinstadt was turned into an exhibition center at the historic site – our pictures illustrate everyday life as an emigrant, getting ready to go to the USA.
  • Bridges over the Elbe: The Elbe bridges ensure the southern development and transport connection of Hamburg via the Elbe. British tanks entered the city over the bridges in 1945.
  • Millerntor Stadion: The St. Pauli football club is a cult, and the atmosphere in the Millerntor stadion is always great, as our film proves.
  • Außenalster: The Outer (or bigger) Alster lake was created from 1190 onward to run grain mills. Today, the Outer and Inner Alster lakes shape the image of Hamburg’s city centre. We take a tour around the Alster and show some very grand and old buildings and villas.
  • Central Train Station: Completed in 1906, the Central Station replaced four other existing termini. And our film shows the “Flying Hamburger”, at the time the fastest express train in world, connecting Hamburg with Berlin.

The Bus Tour “Movie City Hamburg”

Hamburg looks back on a long film history. From classics like “Große Freiheit Nr. 7” to cult films like “Absolute Giganten” and international successes like the Bond movie “Tomorrow never dies” to the films of local director Fatih Akin: it is the diversity of the city that inspires the filmmakers.

We take the videoBus to the shooting locations of known and unknown films. And we will meet stars like Hans Albers, Heinz Rühmann, Pierce Brosnan, Keira Knightley or Moritz Bleibtreu. On the monitors in the bus, we will show excerpts from the films on location – and tell the most fascinating stories about the film city of Hamburg.

City tour to current films – “A most wanted man”

We are developing our city tour to film locations in Hamburg in close cooperation with Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig Holstein. This way we are always in the picture when current productions are due.

In September 2015 “A most wanted man” by director Anton Corbjin was released in German cinemas. Besides Philip Seymour Hofman, the film has a very special leading actor: the city of Hamburg. “Hamburg comes off pretty well as a location,” says Corbjin about his film, which was shot almost entirely on location. Atlantic Hotel, Speicherstadt, Reeperbahn, Brahms-Kontor, Hauptbahnhof, Hotel Empire Riverside, Überseering: the city is shown in its many facets.

To mark the start of the film, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig Holstein and videoBustour have developed a special tour that presents the most important film locations of “A most wanted man”. Monitors in the bus show film clips and tell background stories about the shooting.

How can you book our bus tour in Hamburg for your group?

Feel to talk to us if you are looking for a city tour in Hamburg for your company or travel group, for a conference or congress supporting program or for a private family celebration. Our tours are informative and entertaining, and your guests and colleagues will definitely not be bored.

Of course, you can choose the departure time and location of the city tour yourself, and we can organize individual extras for you. For example, a boat trip in the harbor, a tour of St. Pauli, exits in the Speicherstadt, a champagne reception, themed catering, or a City Rallye.

Please contact us for the details and we will create your own individual program.

Your exclusive tour in Hamburg for your company anniversary

We would be happy to create an individual sightseeing tour in Hamburg for your company, either using only or partially the archive material of your own company. We have been doing this many times for many years and for various companies and in all the different cities where we are represented. An exclusive company multimedia city tour is a very good idea for “history marketing” because this shows the connection that your company has to the city.

No matter whether your company has a 100-year history or is a fresh startup, so far we have always found relevant film material that vividly illustrates the connection between city history and company history.

If you would like us to arrange an individual sightseeing tour of Hamburg, simply contact us here via the website and we look forward to working with you to present your company in Hamburg.

A city tour in Hamburg as part of the supporting program for a convention or conference

Again and again the question arises: What’s new in the city? What can I do to inspire the participants of a convention or conference in the supporting program and give them an entertaining impression of the city?

It doesn’t matter whether your conference participants come from Hamburg or the surrounding area, or have arrived as international guests: Our multimedia city tour in Hamburg is the ideal item in your next supporting program. Together with you, we will select the topics and, if desired, the film clips that we will present to your guests and participants of your event.

During the production of our sightseeing tour in Hamburg, we made sure that the film clips are a balanced mix of films about the special, sometimes difficult stories on the one hand, and on the other, funny films often with background music.  Give it a try!

Our bus tour in Hamburg in many different languages

We can present our tours in Hamburg in several languages. German and English are available as a matter of course, and we can also arrange French, Spanish, Italian and the Scandinavian languages as well. Polish, Russian or even Chinese are also possible by prior arrangement.

Do not hesitate…

…if we spiked your curiosity for our Hamburg city tour! Simply contact us directly here via the website or by phone so that we can put together the right program for your event in cooperation with you.

We are looking forward to your request!


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