The city tour of Leipzig with the videoBustour

With the videoBus you experience a special city tour in Leipzig

Our multimedia bus tour in Dresden is different from the other city tours

In buses with additional monitors we show exclusive film clips with historical pictures and films at the original locations, live commented by our guides. Our standard tour, the “Leipzig Past and Present – Highlights Tour” gives a lively insight into the history and present of the trade fair city. The films shown make this tour more vivid and emotional than any normal bus tour. Our specially trained guides not only tell the stories behind the history of the city, but also control and moderate the film material. In addition to the highlights tour, we have developed numerous city tours on special themes. These tours can be booked by groups at any time and are available in different languages. In Berlin, we also offer public tours every Saturday – please check the dates on our website.

The film material on our tour

Our long-standing cooperation with all major German and international film archives enables us to always select the best film material for the production of our multimedia city tours. For the city tour in Leipzig, for example, we use old DEFA newsreels or private material from the time of the Peaceful Revolution, which the museum in the Runde Ecke provided us with.

Especially impressive are the pictures from the early days of the Leipzig fair, which was then still dispersed all across the city center. As the world’s first trade fair, it finally found its way to the then exhibition grounds, which we drive through and at the same time show films of the successful products of the communist German Democratic Republic (GDR) in the post-war period. Emotionally moving and with extreme effects on the Peaceful Revolution are the shots of the demonstrations on October 9th, 1989 from a church tower. Again and again we find film material that has not yet found its way into the public eye – and we update our tour all the time!

The city tour for an overview: Leipzig Past and Present

You have never seen Leipzig like this before. Experience the city’s history up close. Our guide will accompany you in the bus to the sights of Leipzig in an entertaining way, presenting you with unique films, photos and sound documents as video clips on screens in the bus. In direct comparison to today, you will see what hardly any Leipzig citizen has seen: the central train station in the course of time, marches at the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, the demolition of the Paulinerkirche on Augustusplatz, gigantic sports festivals in the Stadium of a Hundred Thousand or the future city tunnel under the city center. Experience Leipzig and its famous personalities on an exciting journey through time: as a center of trade and fairs, as a city of books and publishing and as the cradle of great music and literature.

Exclusive bus tour in Leipzig for groups

Are you planning a very special city tour for your company, delegation, travel group or school class? Our multimedia city tour can be booked exclusively at any time. We can pick up your group anywhere in Leipzig and bring them to their desired destination after the tour. We will gladly adapt the course of the bus tour to your needs. Our guide will get on the bus at any desired departure point. The multimedia city tour offers the possibility to bridge even longer distances, for example with introductory films about the city history. The duration of the city tour is also variable: from the 45-minute transfer to the full-day tour, everything is possible. To get to know the city we recommend a two-hour tour with at least one stop.

School classes and school trips on tour in Leipzig

For students of all ages and for all educational travelers we offer special sightseeing tours as part of an educational or teaching program. We have the tour to the “The Peaceful Revolution 1989” in our portfolio in Leipzig. In cooperation with Bürgerkomitee Leipzig e.V., the sponsor of the memorial Museum in der Runden Ecke, we have developed this themed tour, which tells the story of the social upheaval and the end of the GDR up to the year 1990. This tour was supported by the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

The top 20 sights in Leipzig

Depending on the theme of the tour you will also see the top 20 sights in Leipzig on each of our city tours. These are for example:

  • The Augustplatz
  • The old stock exchange
  • The Bavarian train station
  • Albertina Library
  • The Federal Administrative Court
  • The huge Leipzig central train station
  • The Gohliser Castle
  • The Leipzig Cotton Spinning Mill
  • The market and the old town hall
  • The Nikolai Church
  • The Moritz Bastion
  • The Schiller House
  • The Thomas Church
  • The Monument to the Battle of the Nations
  • The old fair
  • The asisi Panometer
  • The Central Stadium
  • The Round Corner
  • The Waldstraßenviertel
  • The Leipzig Gewandhaus

Thematic variety on our city tours

Our team in Leipzig regularly organises themed city tours, which we offer, for example, for anniversaries or commemoration days:

Bus tour in Leipzig on the Peaceful Revolution 1989

“The Peaceful Revolution 1989” is the title of the videoBustour, which takes you on a time travel to the GDR and the year 1989. This unique city tour looks for the traces of (East) German history in Leipzig: What was everyday life like in the GDR? With which methods did the Stasi secret police spy? Where did the subculture of the East live on in the underground? And what led to the demonstrators’ legendary call in 1989: “We are the people”? Original photographs of life in Leipzig around 1989 and the Monday demonstrations bring the period of the Peaceful Revolution to new life. Watch on the monitors in the bus partly unpublished film and picture material and feel the excitement of these days first hand.

Bus tour “Leipzig – City of Books”

Leipzig, city of poets! Leipzig, city of writers! Leipzig, city of books!

This fast-paced city tour takes us into Leipzig’s literary history. Follow in the footsteps of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, and Erich Kästner. Get to know the historical publishing locations of the Brockhaus (the German equivalent to the Oxford English dictionary) and Reclam. Experience fascinating book history with us at the location of the historical printing houses Brandstetter and Interdruck. In the 18th, 19th and beginning of the 20th century Leipzig was the book metropolis of Germany. This important chapter of cultural history can be experienced on a city tour of the book city of Leipzig, also in connection with the Leipzig Book Fair.

Creating your individual, exclusive sightseeing tour in Leipzig

Our sightseeing tour company is probably the only one in the world that has its own film production department. Together with our research team, we are able to produce new, sophisticated city tours in a very short time. Our repertoire now includes more than 25 different theme tours throughout Germany.

In Leipzig, for example, we have been commissioned by the Leipzig Trade Fair to carry out several tours to mark the anniversary of the trade fair.

Other themed tours were developed for the Book City or the Peaceful Revolution. The cooperation with public and private archives makes it possible that our guests can see many of the films exclusively at our company, making the city tour a truly unique experience.


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