The unique sightseeing city tour in Berlin

Our multimedia city tour Berlin is unique sightseeing at its best

Our multimedia city tour in Berlin is different from a normal bus tour. In buses with additional monitors we show film clips with historical pictures and films at the original locations, live commentated by our tour guides. In addition to our classic “Highlights Tour”, we have developed several special tours with different themes. You can buy tickets for our public city tours for various days in the week, or book the tour exclusively for your group. On request, the sightseeing tour in Berlin is also available in different languages and with extras such as special exits or culinary stops.

Tickets for our city tour Berlin

  • All public tours that we are selling tickets for, are in German language only.
  • Our sightseeing tours start at the very heart of Berlin, Unter den Linden No. 40.
  • The public tours usually last 2 hours.
  • The tour includes an exit that is chosen to suit the theme.
  • You can book tickets online here.
  • Tickets may also be purchased on site at the bus.
  • It is also possible to give away vouchers – the videoBustour is a suitable gift not only for Christmas. You do this via the ticket booking process.

Exclusive tours for groups

Private groups (companies, delegations, travel groups, school classes) can book our city tour exclusively at any time. We can pick up the groups anywhere in Berlin and bring them to their desired destination after the city tour in Berlin. The route will then be adapted accordingly. The duration is also variable: from the 45-minute transfer to the full day tour, everything is possible. To get to know the city, we recommend a three-hour tour with two stops.

You can book one of the tours from our program. But also individual sightseeing tours are possible: we are happy to adapt the contents of the city tour to the needs of our customers! A company with a connection to Berlin, a round birthday, the motto of a conference: we always find contents that make the tour unique.

Sightseeing tours in Berlin – Experience the most exciting capital of Europe

Berlin was and is a center of German and European history. Whether in the Kaiser era, the Golden Twenties, National Socialism, the Cold War with its division, and finally the reunification: Berlin has always been at the center of world events. Especially Berlin Mitte as an open-air museum of the 20th century provides many scenes of historical events. But at the same time Berlin is a young, modern city, a city that is constantly changing. Experiencing Berlin on a city tour therefore means feeling the past, present and future at the same time!

City tour with pictures and films

Berlin has the history – we have the pictures! This is what makes our multimedia Berlin sightseeing tour so vivid. See for example at the Brandenburg Gate, how the wall falls on 09.11.1989, or at Checkpoint Charlie, how Russian and American tanks almost trigger the Third World War. Pictures that have gone around the world, but once again give you goose bumps at their original location. Our fascinating film and image documents come from numerous archives, public and private. Cut together to short video clips, they always allow a journey back into the eventful past of the city. At the original locations, the most important sights of Berlin, the film clips are played during our city tour and commented live by our personal tour guides. Seeing this on the monitors in our bus, the immediate connection between the city today and the past makes our sightseeing tour a unique experience.

City tour with special buses

To make our multimedia tour a special visual experience, we have upgraded the buses for our tours with the latest video technology. All buses have large 19-inch flat screens monitors and a unique infotainment system. The number exact of monitors depends on the size of the bus. Depending on the number of participants, we use small, medium or large buses to offer you maximum comfort.

No other bus company in Berlin has comparable video and sound systems.

The most important sights

On our two-hour city tour we visit the most important sights of Berlin. These places stand for the city’s eventful history over the last few hundred years: The Brandenburg Gate, symbol of division and reunification, the Reichstag, seat of the German Bundestag, the Prussian splendid boulevard Unter den Linden, the large re-construction site of the city castle, buzzing Alexanderplatz, the socialist boulevard Karl-Marx-Allee, the former border crossing Checkpoint Charlie, the last remaining large piece of the Berlin Wall in Niederkirchner Straße, the new centre at Potsdamer Platz, the embassy quarter in Tiergartenstraße, the Victory Column, Bellevue Palace the seat of the Federal President, as well as the government quarter with the Federal Chancellery – are only the most important stops on our tour.

Exits and extras on the mutimedia tour

On every city tour there should be at least one exit, preferably at a central sight such as the Brandenburg Gate or the East-Side Gallery. Private groups can arrange these exits anywhere and in advance. Additionally, each tour can be enhanced even more: How about a glass of Prosecco and a view of the city from a panoramic point at the same time? Or a Currywurst sausage at a typical snack bar? We can also include visits, for example of the television tower or the Berlin Cathedral.

Actors can also perform during the tour: so the Golden Twenties or the Cold War can be experienced in a completely different way!

City tour in different languages

Our city tours are always commented live by our guides, who speak about the city and our film clips fluidly. This is possible many languages and we mainly work with native speakers of that language. Currently (as of 2020) we can offer the following languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Our classic: “Berlin Past and Present – Highlights Tour”

The videoBustour “Berlin Past and Present – Highlights Tour” is our classic. Here you will experience the highlights of Berlin’s history and see the most important sights of the city. We show you, among other things, how the masses cheered Hitler in front of the new Reich Chancellery, where the first piece of the Wall was removed, how Potsdamer Platz was built and where the death strip had its largest extension. The “Highlights Tour” is the perfect tour for Berlin newcomers who are not excited by any ordinary city tour. And it suits Berlin connoisseurs, who we can given a completely different view of their city.

And we have many other themed tours in our portfolio.

Bus tour „Movie City Berlin“

Berlin in big pictures. Numerous films have used and are still using the city as a filming location and backdrop. Directors such as Billy Wilder, Wim Wenders and Tom Tykwer have celebrated great success here. More and more international filmmakers are drawn to Berlin and the Babelsberg Film Studios. Every day, films are shot in Berlin, creating new images of our city. Our tour “Movie City Berlin” takes you to these locations of famous Berlin movies and tells you exciting background stories. Included are films like “One, Two, Three” by Billy Wilder, “Heaven over Berlin” by Wim Wenders, recent hits like “The Lives of Others”, “Run Lola Run”, “Operation Valkyrie” and many more.

Experience the exciting scenery of Berlin at the locations of famous films. In our buses equipped with additional video monitors we show moments of great Berlin cinema history – and give you a whole new view of the German capital!

City tour “Berlin – Capital of Crime (Crime Tour)”

The biggest safe-breakers and the most momentous arson, the most sympathetic blackmailer and the longest murder trial – Berlin is also a city of superlatives in the world of crime. On our sightseeing tour “Capital of Crime”, a journey through Berlin’s criminal past awaits the guests. The tour takes you to the scenes of famous criminal cases between the elegant Kudamm and the notorious Scheunenviertel. It resurrects the “Chicago of Berlin” and tells of criminals and those who hunted them down, e.g. the legendary 1920ies murder inspector Erich Gennat. On several monitors in the bus, films illustrate the history and stories of crime in Berlin and are presented live by our tour guide. The tour offers an exciting opportunity to rediscover well-known sights and hidden places.

City tour “Dance on the Volcano: The Golden 20s”

The twenties are connected with Berlin like no other decade. Myths and legends have grown and persisted around this time that still today shape our image of Berlin. We take you back to the “Dance on the Volcano: The Golden 20s”, take you to exciting places and show you where the most extravagant parties took place. Stations include the Volksbühne, the Admiralspalast, the newspaper district, the Kurfürstendamm, the Babylon cinema and the Shell House. Josephine Baker dances for you in the Wintergarten, Marlene Dietrich and the Comedian Harmonists serenade you and Hindenburg marches once again into the Reichstag. During this special city tour, pictures, films and music are shown on additional monitors. With interesting anecdotes, this sightseeing tour becomes a completely new Berlin experience and illustrates the worlds of light and dark sides of the 1920s.


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