The videoBustour, our multimedia sightseeing tour of Munich

Our multimedia bus tour in Munich is unique among the sightseeing tours

We show film clips with historical images and films in buses with large monitors at the original locations of Munich’s past. The film clips are played and commented by our specially trained tour guides. In addition to the classic “Munich Past and Present – Highlights Tour”, we have also developed a tour to the shooting locations of famous Munich films, the city tour “Movie City Munich”. Both tours can be booked by groups at any time. On request, the Munich city tour is also available in different languages (e.g. English, Spanish, French) and with extras such as special exits or culinary stops.

The film footage: This makes our bus tour in Munich unique!

Our bus tour differs from other tours because we show images and films about the history and present of the city on large monitors during in the bus. We have researched numerous private and public archives such as Spiegel TV, Chronos, the Munich State Archive and the Munich City Museum in order to create fascinating and curious film clips. Watch, for example, in the oldest film clips a horse tram ride around the Promenade Square, watch the long forgotten tram rail cleaning ladies at work or once again cheer with the 1972 Olympians for their place on the podium!

Exclusive tours for groups

We are currently offering the multimedia videoBustour in Munich for group events, conferences, and meetings. You can book our bus tour exclusively for your group (company, delegation, travel group, school class or private party) at any time. We can pick up the groups anywhere in Munich and bring them to their desired destination after the city tour in Munich. The route will then be adapted accordingly. The duration is also variable: from the 45-minute transfer to the full day tour, everything is possible. To get to know the city in enough detail, we recommend a three-hour tour with two stops.

One of the two tours from our program can be booked. But also individual tours are possible: we will gladly adapt the contents of the city tour to the needs of our customers! A company with a connection to Munich, a special birthday, or the motto of a conference: we always find content that makes your indivisual sightseeing bus tour unique.

The partners of our tour in Munich

Our two tours were developed in cooperation with various partners in Munich. The Munich City Museum generously supported us in the tour concept and provided us with numerous archive materials.

The city tour “Movie City Munich” was initiated by the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern and the Film Commission. The city tour was supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich. Film clips were provided by Constantin Film AG, among others.

Our “highlights” tour

The tour “Munich Past and Present – Highlights Tour” is suitable for both Munich residents and visitors to the city. During the tour we travel to the original sites of Munich’s 850-year history, we meet Lola Montez and King Ludwig I., and we make a detour to the dazzling borough of Schwabing at the turn of the century.

At Königsplatz we follow mass marches during National Socialism, see rare film documents of the destroyed city after the Second World War in the city center, and once again feverishly await the 1972 Olympians. Come along on a journey through time – on our very special multimedia bus tour in Munich. In buses equipped with additional monitors and, of course, presented live by our specially trained tour guides.

Our bus tour “Movie City Munich”

This is our city tour for film lovers and Munich fans! The film location Munich has a lot to offer. Filmmakers like Hitchcock, Antonioni, Rossellini, Ophüls and Fassbinder already knew that. This sightseeing tour in the film city of Munich goes in search of locations of the most important films.

These include, for example, Lola Montez, Zur Sache, Schätzchen, Männer or Sophie Scholl – Die letzten Tage. On site, we show the guests the film scenes that were shot at the respective locations – such a city tour has never been offered in Munich before. And there are always new films that enrich our tour. Experience the exciting scenery of Munich at the original film locations and on the monitors in the bus, experience moments of great cinema history – our videoBus as a rolling cinema!

The top 20 sights in Munich

On our multimedia tour in Munich we show you our film clips at the most important places in Munich’s city history. Of course you will also see the top 20 sights of the city. The city tour includes:

  • Isartor: The gate is a remainder of the old fortifications. With old pictures and maps we show exactly what it looked like, where it ran and what else is left of it.
  • Königsplatz: On the monitors you can see the reconstruction of the square by the National Socialists, various marches and film footage of the Munich Agreement of 1938.
  • Theresienwiese: At the Theresienwiese we review the history of the Oktoberfest – from 1810 until today. Original sounds and music will take you back in time and immerse us in the festival atmosphere over the decades!
  • Schwabing: Join us on a journey back in time to the Golden Years of Munich, when Schwabing became a center of German bohemian life that celebrated here to excess. Our images make it obvious: Schwabing is not a place, but a world view!
  • Olympic Stadium: Built for the 1972 Summer Olympics, the Olympic grounds are still an example of forward-looking architecture today. We show pictures of the construction of the Olympic grounds – and then jump into the competitions. See the sporting highlights of 1972 – and the dramatic events of the terrorist attack on the Israeli delegation. Contemporary history up close.
  • Residence: At various locations the focus is on the Bavarian Kings. Especially Ludwig I and his affair with the scandalous Lola Montez as well as the “fairy-tale king” Ludwig II are presented with many impressive pictures.
  • Stachus: The Stachus had become the busiest road junction in Europe in the 1960s – we show in film images the chaos on the road, which even a traffic policeman in the middle cannot prevent!
  • Destroyed city: A large part of the city center was destroyed by the bombing of World War II Since the city was quickly rebuilt, the damage is hard to imagine. The film documents from the year 1945 are therefore surprising and frightening at the same time. This becomes clear, for example, when driving along the Sonnenstraße, which is not very attractive today.
  • Sophie-Scholl Platz: At the Ludwig-Maximilian-University we tell the story of Hans and Sophie Scholl and the other members of the resistance group “White Rose”, who were famously fighting the Nazis.
  • Eisbach: Who stays on the board the longest? The wave in Eisbach is known to surfers all over the world. We show on the monitors how it works.

Further sights:

  • General’s Hall
  • English Garden
  • Nymphenburg Castle
  • Viktualienmarkt
  • Old Pinacotheca
  • Church of Our Lady
  • Bavarian State Opera
  • Karlstor
  • Maximilianstrasse
  • Sendlinger Tor

Your individual company city bus tour in Munich

Munich is the city with the greatest economic growth potential in Germany. Many companies have a long history, closely linked to the city’s history.

Due to our many years of experience in the production of multimedia city tours, we can also produce a tour individually tailored to your company. In doing so, the history and present of a company, an institution, or a special event can be presented. These tours are suitable for large events, as supporting programs for congresses, or as a company presentation. On request we will be happy to provide you with a reference list of tours we have already produced for other companies and institutions.

Individual extras for your bus tour in Munich

Normally a city tour in Munich takes about 2 to 3 hours and includes at least one stop where the guests leave the bus for taking pictures or for a short break. Furthermore, we are happy to offer you individual extras. This could be a champagne reception at the Viktualienmarkt or a culinary stop with tasting of the best Weißwurst or pretzel, tours through the city centre, themed evening events in historical locations, or even a city rally with iPads. Get in touch with us to develop the ideas for your event with us.

videoSightseeing, we are your partner for a successful city tour in Munich

No matter whether you would like to book a tour from our repertoire, or whether you would like to order a completely new, individual city tour in Munich: We are definitely the right partner for your next event in Munich. Contact us via our contact form here on the website or call us at the telephone numbers given in the contact section and we will plan with you the very special event in Munich.

We are looking forward to your visit!



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