The videoBustour: Sightseeing reinvented

The new Sightseeing Experience

With us, sightseeing works differently than you know it so far. We not only show the most exciting places and most important sights of the each city. For our sightseeing tours we use historical images and films, shown to you on monitors and tablets, and commented live by our tour guides.

In this way we take you on a journey through the history of the largest German cities. Whether by bus on our videoBustour or on foot on our videoTabletTours: the city exploration becomes a very special experience, sightseeing and infotainment form an almost magical combination!

Innovative city tours

City tourism is booming in Germany – but so are the demands of the visitors. Therefore, in 2003 we invented a new format in sightseeing with the videoBustours and introduced it in Berlin. Since then, the videoBustour has received various awards and prizes. One of them is the award “Selected Landmark” in the competition “Germany – Land of Ideas”.¬† Also, the International Road Union has honoured the videoBustour with the award for “Innovation in Sightseeing”. With the videoTabletTour, we have now initiated another innovation: The videoBustour learns to walk and will thus provide impulses for sightseeing on foot.

Sightseeing with emotion

One image says more than many words, film conveys direct emotion. Our idea of sightseeing is based on the fact that we offer more than just facts and figures. We believe that pictures and films make history vivid and have a much stronger impact.

A guide will not succeed in telling the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th, 1989 as vividly as a small film excerpt from the Brandenburg Gate does: Goose bumps guaranteed at the historical site! Histotainment is the keyword for our sightseeing: We convey historical information, but we want to entertain and the guests should have fun on our tours.

Bus tours in our custom videoBus

No more boring sightseeing tours with facts and figures?

Then take a videoBustour with us. The videoBustour is unique among city bus tours! Historical pictures and exciting films are shown during the multimedia tour at the original locations of the events. Live commentated by our guides in buses with additional monitors, the videoBustour is more than just an ordinary bus tour. Anecdotes and exciting background stories make the tour eventful. Whether overview tour, crime thriller tour or film city: the videoBustour presents different theme tours in eight cities in a total of more than ten different languages. Whether as a transfer or as an event shuttle: Sightseeing becomes a journey through time. The videoBustour is the better choice in any case.

Sightseeing as a tour with iPads

Tired of yellowed foils and badly copied maps by a tour guide?

Our videoTabletTour is the solution for more exciting sightseeing. We put the story into your hands. Every guest gets an iPad from us. Our exclusive  iOS app enables the simultaneous playback of the films on all devices. Controlled by our guides. We produce all of the video clips ourselves, and we mainly use rarely seen archive material. Sightseeing thus becomes a multimedia and emotional experience. We show you the places where world history has taken place. With the films on your tablets you have history in your hands, while our guides hold the strings in their hands. They know the history of the respective city and they click play to show the current films at the respective original locations. So that our guests get even closer to (world-) history.

Tours for groups

If you would like to book a multimedia sightseeing tour for your group, you can choose the bus tours and city walks that you find here on our website. Perhaps you are looking for a supporting program for a conference or a company event, or perhaps you would like to go on a city tour with your club or a private group of guests? We offer multimedia bus tours for smaller groups as well as we can organize events for up to 600 people simultaneously with our videoBuses. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and we will be happy to advise you on which sightseeing tour is the right one for your event.

Tickets for our sightseeing tours

All of the tours that we offer tickets for, sadly are German language only. You can buy tickets for our public sightseeing tours in Berlin here directly online from us. These public tours take place on different days of the week. In addition to an “Overview Tour”, there are always tours. You can also find the details here on our website.

City tours throughout Germany

It all started in Berlin. The city is the perfect place for the implementation of innovative formats in sightseeing. The history of the world metropolis is omnipresent here, the changes in the cityscape caused by the drastic events of the 20th century such as the war and the wall are partly dramatic. But every city offers something unmistakable. Our aim is to highlight the special, unique features of each city. Whether in Hamburg, the great trading and port city, whose harbour stands for a special cosmopolitanism, or in Dresden, the “Florence on the Elbe” with its splendour and culture on the Elbe river. Leipzig for us is the city of the Peaceful Revolution of 1989. Munich is the “Capital of (the Nazi) Movement”, but also the city of the Olympic Games of 1972. Cologne is carnival, cathedral and a lot of joie de vivre. And Vienna has the popular Empress Sissi and a lot of tradition, but also an eventful past in the 1920s and 1930s.

All these cities are suitable for our sightseeing, because they each stand for a unique history..

The top 10 sights of every city

Of course we show you the most important sights of the city during our bus tours. No tour in Berlin without Brandenburg Gate, in Cologne without the Cologne Cathedral, in Hamburg without harbour, in Dresden without Frauenkirche, in Leipzig without Trade Fair, in Vienna without Prater. But our sightseeing tours offer even more: With the help of the pictures and films you will see, experience and feel more than on other sightseeing tours. The stories we tell are also different from the stories that are usually told on other tours.

Our multimedia tours show what you can’t see otherwise

Imagine us together in a bus or on foot and standing on the Schlossplatz in Berlin-Mitte: The city palace of the Hohenzollern family stood there for almost 500 years. Since 2014, this castle is being rebuilt. This area has undergone dramatic change since the Second World War: The partly destroyed castle, which was used for exhibitions again immediately after the war. The complete demolition in 1950, then the use of the remaining space as a parade ground of the East German communist regime. Then the construction and eventually the demolition of the Palace of the Republic. And now the new building of the castle, in large parts fashioned after historical model.

Only our pictures can grasp this complexity and show how the finished castle will look inside and out. So we can not only travel into the past, we also show the future!

If you are in Munich and it is not October when you are in Cologne and it is not February when you are in Hamburg and it is not May: Then you are missing three great festivals that are of great importance for the identity of these cities. The Oktoberfest in Munich, the carnival in Cologne, the port birthday in Hamburg. Our sightseeing tours with film clips bring these big celebrations into the bus- whenever you come!

The press about our sightseeing

From the first tours in 2003 on, the press reported about our innovative way of sightseeing. The journalists were enthusiastic about the way we dealt with the history of the city.

  • “The videoBustour makes history vivid in the truest sense of the word”, wrote the Morgenpost.
  • ZDF spoke of a “real voyage of discovery.”
  • RBB was amazed: “The idea is so simple that one wonders why no one has come up with it before.”
  • And the MDR asked directed into the future: “Multimedia city tours: You don’t have to be a prophet to ask already now: Were there any others at some point?”
  • A journalist from RBB RadioEins put it in a nutshell: “I was tremendously fascinated – suddenly you see your city with completely different eyes – magic moments.”



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