Walking tour Berlin

Our App, our iPads

Forget yellowed tour guide folios! We give you one of our iPads and our tour guide remote controls the videos. Nothing to learn, nothing to bring – just enjoy!

History close by

We move around locations where world history took place. With the videos on the iPads you are holding history in your own hands.

Live Moderated

You are accompanied by one our professional tour guides who takes you on trip back in time. Passionately, vividly and with gripping tales to tell.

The multimedia walking tour Berlin

Walking tour Berlin with iPad, with video and with tour guide

Our videoTabletTours are the first multimedia city tours with iPads, accompanied and moderated by our guides. Each guest receives a iPad with our own iPad app and our fascinating film clips. Our time travel guides take you to the most exciting places in the city and present to you the film that explains this site in detail. After over 15 successful years with videoBustour, the original multimedia bus tour this multimedia walking tour is another of our innovations.

What’s so special about our walking tour in Berlin?

Our in-house team of historians researched the films and photos in numerous archives and our in-house film production department produces unique film clips that perfectly match each site. On the iPad and in our videoBus you will see these film clips telling you about the most important events of the historic and contemporary Berlin. Thus, a journey through time is possible into the most important times of Berlin: imperialism, the twenties, national socialism, the cold war, and the building of the wall, as well as the re-unification. What did the death strip really look like? Where was the last news reel of Adolf Hitler shot and what does it show? How did the Berliners celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November 1989? What can you find on the cabinet table of the Federal Chancellery?

Forget yellowed photo copies! Our exclusive film clips make this walking tour a multimedia and an emotional experience. The film clips show the historical events at their original location and the story becomes much more intense.

Compare past and present

Berlin is like an open-air museum of the 20th century. The history of the 20th century with its dramatic events will come alive on our tour of the city. The transformation of the cityscape is especially fascinating. Many buildings have disappeared, such as Hitler’s Reichskanzlei, the border crossings between East and West and most of the Berlin Wall. Our historic photos show the past while you are in the Berlin of the present. This direct comparison of the past and present is like an exciting detective game. During our walking tour Berlin, magical moments are re-lived again and again!

Our iPad app for the walking tour of Berlin

You cannot buy our app in the App Store. This app can be found only on our iPads that we give to you for the duration of the walking tour through Berlin. Unlike many sightseeing apps out there, we do not simply sell you an app and abandon you, our personal tour guides accompany you. The specially trained guides moderate the tour, control the films on your iPads and tell you the fascinating background stories. A great advantage: You do not have to bring your own iPad and do not have to learn anything about the operation of the devices. We give you our iPads and our tourguide controls your iPad from his iPad.

Tickets for the multimedia walking tour Berlin

If you would like to book a guided tour with us in Berlin, please click on the ticket button at the top right of the website. There you go to the sub-point “Tickets in Berlin”. Here you will find the information for which city tours we offer tickets and which topics you can book for your group. For groups, we offer the multimedia city tour of Berlin with quite a few different topics.

Multimedia walking tours in Berlin for groups

We can currently go on a multimedia walking tour with groups of up to 100 PAX at the same time, divided into smaller groups and we are happy to provide you with an individual offer for your specific group. You can, of course, decide the start time, the language, the theme or topic of the tour as well as any extras, such as visiting the inside of an attraction or catering on location. Normally, a tour takes about two hours. In the case of longer city tours, several stops are possible: either we visit a museum or an attraction or we can have a culinary break, for example a coffee break or a champagne reception at a panoramic point.

Walking tour Berlin – add a minibus to see special sights

Our iPads can also be used for minibus tours. If you have a small, exclusive group and do not want to take a bus tour in our larger multimedia buses, we will gladly provide you with a Mercedes van. These seat from seven up to 20 PAX. In a minibus, we can then go to places that are a bit further away and present to you our film clips on our iPads. A highlight is the visit of the Reichstag or the Panoramapunkt at Potsdamer Platz. When looking at the city from an elevated perspective, our historical photos and films are even more impressive. On the roof of the Reichstag you can experience the Soviet forces storming this Nazi bastion at the end of April 1945, while you are standing right next to exactly that statue onto which the soldiers placed the Red Flag. This truly is world history close up.

Walking tour Berlin: The top 20 berlin attractions

Our multimedia walking tour takes you to places mainly in the historic city center – Berlin Mitte. And it is here that many of the most important sights are located:

  • Potsdamer Platz
  • Berlin Wall in Niederkirchner Straße
  • Former Ministry of Aviation
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Reichstag with the Bundestag Parliament
  • Berlin governmental District
  • Federal Chancellery
  • Under the Linden
  • Gendarmen Market
  • Bebelplatz
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Berlin city palace
  • Museum Island

Walking tour of the movie city Berlin

Berlin is big in drama. Be it Quentin Tarantino or Steven Spielberg, Billy Wilder or Wim Wenders – many film directors fell I love with Berlin’s cinematic qualities. Film location-tourism or even set-jetting has become more and more popular in recent years. And Berlin offers many locations to mock other cities and play itself. Our videoBustour “Movie City Tour – The Rolling Cinema” has been a classic for ten years and now the filming locations of famous film scenes are within walking distance. Experience thrilling background stories on the films or series that you know and love, see the scenes at the place where they were shot, and discover hidden gems you never existed.

Scavenger hunt Berlin with iPads

A highlight for every visiting group and company, who wants to explore the city more actively, are our scavenger hunts! A playful and informative way for your team to explore Berlin. No map, no road book – our iPads guide the groups by GPS on their way through the city. The iPad is a city guide as well and gives you information about the places. Protected by special pouches, the devices can also be used in bad weather. Use the scavenger hunt as an incentive event for your employees and to further develop your companies’ team spirit. In addition to learning about the city, the team dynamic is the central objective of our scavenger hunt. Above all creativity is what we demand from the participants – and we provide a lot of fun, while contact with the locals is certainly a great advantage! And finally, every scavenger hunt has a victory ceremony that we turn into another special event. We present the coolest photos and funniest results of all the teams, and all of the participants can relive the highlights of their day together.

Walking tour Berlin or bus tour Berlin?

Both formats, the tour on foot or the tour on the bus, have their advantages. In the bus, you can cover larger distances and see more sights. On a walking tour, you get much closer to the buildings and discover the details better than you can from the bus. The bus tour is an overview, the walking tour is more about reflection. In the bus, you can sit when it rains and stay worm when it is cold outside. On a walking tour, you enjoy the fresh air and nature and the distance to your guide is much closer, which gives you a higher degree of interactivity and makes it easier to ask questions. And on our walking tour you can also get to know the many different Berlin neighbourhoods. But of course, you need comfortable shoes! For exclusive group tours a combination of both bus tour and walking tour is also possible: Bridging the larger distances in the bus then get off at the most important places and explore them with your guides and iPads on foot.

Find your best walking tour Berlin

Whether with friends or colleagues, as part of a congress or company event, one of our city walks is the perfect way to explore the city. Individual travellers can book tickets online on our website. Or you can contact us by phone and plan your event with a personalised bus tour or a walking tour in Berlin.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Der Westteil der Stadt hätte mehr berücksichtig werden können

Wir vermisten den Bereich des alten "Berlin West" bei der Rundfahrt.

Danke für eine tolle, informative Tour!

Spannend, was man in Berlin alles nicht kennt. Und was einem durch die Videobustour unterhaltsam gezeigt wird.

Sehr zu empfehlen!!

Das war wirklich eine sehr interessante und tolle Reise durch die Zeit in Berlin!!! Jederzeit gerne mal wieder!

Die Tour hat auch mir als Berlinerin viel Neues zeigen können!

In Verbindung mit den Videoclips, die eine tolle Verknüpfung zur Gegenwart darstellen und dem sympathischen Guide war es ein interessantes und lustiges Erlebnis

Ich kann nur sagen … es war perfekt!

Wer Berlin noch gar nicht kennt ... eine super Einstimmung. Sehr zu empfehlen!

Kompetenz 5/5 | Pünktlichkeit 5/5 | Preis-Leistung 5/5

Einfach nur perfekt

Kompetenz 5/5 | Pünktlichkeit 5/5 | Preis-Leistung 5/5

Sehr professionell gestaltete, informative und empfehlenswerte Tour

Die Tour ist ihr Geld wert! Engagierter und sehr gut informierter/ausgebildeter Tourbegleiter, spannend und angenehm vorgetragen, tolle Filmauswahl, angenehme Tourdauer.

Sehr zu empfehlen um in kurzer Zeit sehr viele Informationen zu bekommen

Die Tour ist sehr gut gemacht. Viele Stationen mit sehr vielen Informationen . Auch für Kinder gut geeignet. Sehr zu empfehlen

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